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Sales Representative


Carolyn was born in Texas and raised in Southern California.  She received a Master’s Degree in History at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  Since moving to Toronto, she has helped clients buy and sell their homes for over thirty years. 

An Award winner year after year, she works very hard to help Sellers attain exceptionally high prices for the houses or condos they are selling, and as well help find the place that each Buyer wishes for.  Please see some of the letters that her clients have written about her on the bottom of the Home Page. 

An avid opera, theatre and symphony lover, she brings her connections and listings to the attention of other art lovers in Toronto and beyond.  She generously donates to the charities of her clients on a regular basis.  Please ask her about her work with charities.  She is currently on the board of Opus 8, a choral ensemble in Toronto and has previously worked with the Theatre of Early Music and the Desrosiers Dance Theatre.  

As a Sales Representative at Chestnut Park Real Estate, she is very happy to be working with this premier real estate company in Toronto.  The record of Chestnut Park listings and sales is so exceptional that she feels this Company is the very best place to work in Toronto.  With branches throughout Southern Ontario, Chestnut Park has agents with whom she can work in other areas, especially in cottage country and in other towns outside of Toronto.

Carolyn feels very fortunate to have a loyal client base, many of whom have bought and sold with her through many years, including various generations of the same family. 

Please be in touch with her through email or telephone her for any of your real estate questions, at, or 416-925-9191.